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Sad Post Alert: RIP Nutok & Stubby

On July 28, 2016 we took a family trip to Dr. Ann’s to euthanize Nutok and Stubby.  Euthanizing my girls was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. The both were “alive” but their quality of life … Continue reading

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Tonight Nutok and Stubby came home with some quills in their snouts. We’ve seen worse, for instance my neighbor’s dog. I started to pull the quills out with tweezers and Greg reminded me that the vet uses pliers. We managed … Continue reading

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Newtok down, not out

Newtok (sometimes Nutok) is another blond dog who got beat up a lot in the yard. We think that once Scully moved inside, Monkey and Pumpkin thought Newtok was the same dog. Now that Newtok is inside, and Scully is … Continue reading

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August = Teeth and Bones

Franken Teeth Last year, Frankie had five of his teeth pulled. The vet said he had cavities (different from human cavities), which is unusual for dogs. This July, Frankie’s breath was smelling really bad–worse than dead fish mixed with poop.  … Continue reading

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