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Pay Back Sucks. Spike Gets Her Ass Kicked.

We’ve had some shifting around in the hierarchy of the female insiders. Perhaps it’s over our new un-neutered inside male dog, Floppy (who has an appointment to get fixed on Monday Jan. 9th). Spike has asserted that she wants to … Continue reading

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StinkyPup Flowers, and Maude

Our last set of posts have been sad, so here are some nice flowers to cheer everyone up! We have quite a diverse set of flowers on StinkyPup property. But before we get to the flowers, here’s Maude on the railing … Continue reading

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Moose head separated from its mom, body

After our last posting, Maude & Nutok disappeared for another multi-hour jaunt. They came back tired, and Maude had (someone else’s) blood on her snout. For the past week since then, off-leash dogs have been disappearing down the road somewhere, … Continue reading

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Harassing baby moose

Maude and probably Danny were harassing moose this morning. Greg saw Momma and baby 1 run off. Maude was bothering baby 2, pictured below. Greg refrained from petting baby moose. I wanted to take baby home!

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