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Gate Openers

Meet Moose and Jack.   Moose and Jack are gate openers.  Either working together, or solo (we think it was probably Jack, but you never know), the boys figured out how to open the latch on the gate, and were … Continue reading

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Ilana Gets Charged by a Moose

Sunday night June 1 at 11:59pm I awoke to a very noisy dog yard. I looked out the window and saw a moose standing in the middle yard where Ahab, Spike, and Wayne live. I put on my Crocs and ran … Continue reading

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Moose head separated from its mom, body

After our last posting, Maude & Nutok disappeared for another multi-hour jaunt. They came back tired, and Maude had (someone else’s) blood on her snout. For the past week since then, off-leash dogs have been disappearing down the road somewhere, … Continue reading

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Harassing baby moose

Maude and probably Danny were harassing moose this morning. Greg saw Momma and baby 1 run off. Maude was bothering baby 2, pictured below. Greg refrained from petting baby moose. I wanted to take baby home!

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