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Photo of a sled dog

Name: Allie
Aliases: AllieAllieAllie
DOB: Jan. 2015
Acquired: A kennel in Ontario
About: Allie has been running in lead for us and seems to do a better job than her kennel mate Geri. Allie is a sweet little girl that has won our hearts. She is Axel’s mom.
Likes: To be pet!!
Bad Habits: Doesn’t always finish her dinner.

Update: In early winter of 2023 Allie visited the vet for a checkup as she wasn’t eating as well as she usually does. The vet found a mammary tumor, which was removed and thankfully benign. The vet also found the beginnings of kidney disease. Allie is now on special food. We tried bringing her inside to be a pet dog, but she doesn’t get along with Geri that well, and she still wants to run, so we take her on short (less than 10-mile) runs.  We’ll try bringing her inside again in the summer.

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