It’s finally getting to be mushing season. We’ve been on a few training runs on the 4-wheeler. The big news is– I officially adopted all of my foster dogs!


As you may have noticed, there’s quite a time lag between the March 2004 tail and this August 2004 tail. Well, there hasn’t been much to tell. It’s been horribly smoky for the entire summer and we haven’t been taking dogs out jogging or hiking … Continue readingFires

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Chatanika Challenge

The Chatanika Challenge is a relatively new race run by the Two Rivers Dog Mushing Association. It’s a 200-mile race, witha 100-mile option. I (Greg) ran the 100-mile race, which started at noon on Friday March 12 2004. I finished in about 15-1/2 hours, and … Continue readingChatanika Challenge

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River Route

I took the stinkypups on the 30+/- mile River Route today. I’ve never been on this route, but Greg did the same route yesterday. Greg said that the trail was pretty straighforward. Ha! If it weren’t for the Quest Markers I would have ended up … Continue readingRiver Route