Greg attempts to catch a sleeping dog

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Rattles and Simba are fairly new to our yard and they haven’t befriended Greg yet. Simba is very shy and it took him almost a month for him to let me pet him.

I needed to go out of town for a few days and Greg was in charge of taking care of the gang. This means walking and feeding our 6 inside dogs in the morning and evening, feeding/watering the sled dogs in the morning, and having a sled dog puppy party in the evening.

A puppy party is lots of fun. We let all of the dogs off at one time so they can exercise and run around the yard. This is why we often have fights (e.g., Munkin (Monkey and Pumpkin) attacking Nutok, Munkin kicking Storm’s ass, Munkin beating the shit out of Scully, Munkin fighting with each other, etc.).

When Greg had his puppy party while I was gone, he was unable to catch Simba. Simba ran around the dog yard for two days and Greg decided to take action. He gave Simba some-doggie downers (ace-promazine) with the intent that Simba would fall asleep and he would be able to hook Simba up to his tie-out.

Turns out that Greg was unable to catch Simba the sleeping dog. Apparently, Simba was staggering around the dog yard. Whenever Greg noticed that Simba was resting, he’d go into the dog yard and all the dogs would bark, which in turn alerted Simba that Greg was around. Greg was unable to catch Simba and waited until I returned.