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Name: Zeus
DOB: 12/1/2006
DOD: 7/13/2023
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Acquired: From my neighbor Jodi.
About: Jodi told us that Zeus likes to screw around at first, and then after a number of miles he’s just “pull, pull, pull.” I’ve yet to see the pulling. He tends to pull on and off. Hopefully, he’ll get used to our style of mushing and show us his true pulling self. He’s a playful cutie-pie.
Bad Habits:
~Fights (not in his old age)
~Likes to steal my poop bucket (not in his old age)
~To play with his brother Phanty, and the other dogs in the yard (except for Simba and Rattles, who are mean to him). (not in his old age)
~ To vocalize

Update 2019: Zeus officially retired this season. We ran him last season, and after coming back from 20 mile runs his legs would spasm, so I decided he should retire. He gets very enthusiastic when it’s hook up time, and I think he still wants to go.

Update Summer 2020/Fall 2020: It was so hot in Ontario during Summer 2020? that we brought Zeus inside to hang out in the air conditioning and then returned him to the dog yard during the evening. Now that we are in Whitehorse, he is an official inside dog, although he has been hanging out outside in his dog box.

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