Name: Magic
Aliases: Magi; Magico
DOB: 2000?
DOD: April 3, 2013
Breed: American Husky
Acquired: From the previous owner of my house.
About: Magic is one of eight dogs that “came with the house” when we purchased it in May 2003. Although Magic is a sled dog, he does not like to pull or be on the trail for longer than 14 miles. In fact, sometimes Magic hides in his box– a signal to tell us he doesn’t want to go for a run. Magic is a loving dog and a good friend.
Bad Habits: Eats chickens.
~To eat small animals.
~To be brushed and pet.
~To guard out boots (updated summer 2010)

Summer 2010 Update

Magic is now an inside dog. He got seriously beat up this summer and he is NOT going back into the dog yard no matter how much he wants to. The first incident was getting beat up by Rocket and losing his tail. While he was recovering we kept him in the “inside” yard and he really wanted to go back into the dog yard, so after he recovered I moved him back to his regular place. Soon after he moved back, he was attacked by everyone in the yard. Greg was away, so I had to deal with shaving and stapling myself. He’s recovered (staples are still in though), and is content to be a house dog. He likes to hang out on the porch and plays a little game of moving our boots and guarding them.

Magic was a sweet and wonderful dog who came with the house when we bought it. He lived outside for many years, but never was a mushing dog. Magic moved inside in 2010 after he got beaten up, and became a loving pet. He was very fun! He had horribly bad gas. My favorite thing to do when he farted was to say to Greg, “You gotta come over here and smell this!” Greg never would come over. Magic also liked to collect our boots. He never ate them, just snuggled with them. He had an affinity for eating things. Magic had three obstructive bowel surgeries, and ended up dying due to many things– one being a rope toy stuck in his gut. I don’t even know where he got the toy. I think it could have been a toy that Maude stole from the neighbors and brought it into the house.

Magic was a great guy, and we will miss his farting and boot stealing.

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