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Name: Dutchess
DOB: 1998
DOD: May 13, 2012
Date Adopted: Aug. 16, 2008
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Acquired: From neighbor Tammi Rego. Per Tammi on her kennel site “Dutchess is one of the hardest charging Gee/Haw leaders that we’ve ever had. Dutchess is a shyer dog who came to us from Ray and Julia Redington; therefore, her bloodlines are quite good, though we don’t have details. Dutchess has raced in several 100-200 mile races for us, and is still going strong. We found out from Ryan Redington that Dutchess is the last of the line of dogs from Joe Sr. She is retired, but throws beautiful pups and runs well on the 1 and 2 dog classes for the boys.”
About: Dutchess may have been a great dog for Tammi, but she wasn’t an awesome lead dog for us. Soon after we adopted her, she got into multiple fights with Spike.  She’s had several surgical treatments for cancer (mammary & tumors on the neck). Being a smart dog, she’s ended up inside as a pet dog. She is very skittish, not too affectionate, but has claimed the bed as hers during daytime hours.
Bad Habits: She sometimes has accidents in the house.
Likes: FOOD!!

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  1. I borrowed Dutchie for one season and she is indeed VERY shy. She worked well as a leader for me, helping to train some young pups I was bringing along. I’m glad she has a comfortable retirement home.

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