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Danny Diagnosed with Low Thyroid

Danny hasn’t been eating well and we thought his pancreatitis was acting up again. We brought him in for blood tests and it turns out that he has low thyroid levels. He’s been put on Thyro-Tab, .4mg 2X a day. … Continue reading

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A Stinky Update

I haven’t updated the Stinky blog in a while. Here’s what’s happened: Spring 2014: Spike had her first obstructive bowel surgery. I’m not really sure what she ate, even after viewing the item– which the vet saved for me.  It’s … Continue reading

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SicklyPup Kennel

Perhaps I should change the name of our kennel to SicklyPup instead of StinkyPup.  Here’s the health update: Stubby: Three weeks ago Stubby, at 12 years old, had her first obstructive bowel surgery. She’s recovering well, except for chronic diarrhea– oh … Continue reading

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Gin Gin 2011

Highlights Zipper on snowsuit broke. Lost team. Scratched. Ran 100 of the 213 mile course. Frostbite on six fingertips. The Team Chevy & Nikki (Lead) Maude & Zeus (Point) Snowball & Moe (Team) Ahab & Shrek (Team) Spike & Luke … Continue reading

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