Gin Gin 2011

Highlights Zipper on snowsuit broke. Lost team. Scratched. Ran 100 of the 213 mile course. Frostbite on six fingertips. The Team Chevy & Nikki (Lead) Maude & Zeus (Point) Snowball & Moe (Team) Ahab & Shrek (Team) Spike & Luke (Team) Capella & Phanty (Wheel) … Continue readingGin Gin 2011

Longer Runs

Yesterday was our first “long run” 48 miles. Temp was -22. Total hours was around 5.5. Everyone, except for Roo, did great and had energy when we got home. Roo began getting tired at around 20 miles and at 30 I put her in the … Continue readingLonger Runs