Health Update

Ringworm: We have ringworm. Ewwww.  Treatment is Safegaurd, 1ml per 5 lbs every 10 days 4 times. Goblin: Goblin’s doses have been increased again! Morning Meds: diltiazem: 30mg every 8 hours vetmedin (pimobendan): 12.5 mg every 8 hours furosemide: 80mg tabs every 8 hours enalapril: … Continue readingHealth Update

Goblin Update

It was that time of month again, and we needed to bring Goblin to the vet to get drained. For those of you keeping track, we brought Goblin in a month ago (around Sept. 4th) to be  drained, or as the cardiologist calls it “tapped.” Previous … Continue readingGoblin Update