Health Update
Health Update

Health Update

We have ringworm. Ewwww.  Treatment is Safegaurd, 1ml per 5 lbs every 10 days 4 times.

Goblin’s doses have been increased again!

Morning Meds:

  • diltiazem: 30mg every 8 hours
  • vetmedin (pimobendan): 12.5 mg every 8 hours
  • furosemide: 80mg tabs every 8 hours
  • enalapril: 10mg every 12 hours
  • spironolcatone: 25mg every 12 hours
  • hydrochlorathizide: 75mg every 12 hours

Spikelet has officially retired and I’m planning on bringing her inside. When we took her for a 2 mile run (around a month ago) she cam back limping on her back legs and had very poor neurological function in her legs (e.g., paw dragging on knuckles).

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