Caravan day 5: Dafoe, Saskatchewan to Fox Creek, Alberta
Caravan day 5: Dafoe, Saskatchewan to Fox Creek, Alberta

Caravan day 5: Dafoe, Saskatchewan to Fox Creek, Alberta

Morning dawned in Saskatchewan, and Greg did his morning pilgrimage to check the pressure in all 24 tires in our 3 vehicles and 3 trailers. The rear right tire in the U-Haul trailer had not been maintaining pressure, despite filling it up a few times (it only took 60 PSI, which the gas station coin operated machines could handle).

We called U-Haul’s roadside assistance number, and they said we could bring the trailer to a shop and get the tire fixed or replaced and we would be reimbursed. We found a shop up the road that had the right tire. They also recommended replacing the other right-side trailer, which had aged poorly and had a separating tread. Two new tires, and we were on the way again. We had noticed, however, that another of the truck’s rear tires (the one next to the one that blew) was not holding pressure. We had filled it to 110-120 PSI a few times, and it kept drifting down to 85 or 90.

The trip through northern SK and AB was interesting. It was a blend of prairie farmland and small oil derricks, with lots of railroad to tie it all together. The highway was often bumpy and pitted, in both provinces. We had bypassed Saskatoon, and would also bypass Edmonton – but we avoided rush hour traffic and the main highways in both.

Our next destination was Fox Creek, Alberta. We did our regular stops for dog care, gas, and a little rest for the humans, and arrived without further incident.

Radisson Saskatchewan Communiplex

In Fox Creek, Alberta we stayed at the Devonian Hotel. This was a very nice place to stay and even had pet friendly rooms! The other places we stayed at also allowed pets, but this place was a step up from the other motels.

Devonian Hotel, Fox Creek, Alberta
Backyard of the Devonian Hotel, Fox Creek, Alberta

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