A long haul

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Thursday had the group split. Overnight was near Edmonton, which is around the half-way mileage mark. The u-haul crew left later in the morning, to catch up on sleep and because neither driver sleeps while the other is driving. The Subaru+Tacoma crew departed at 9:15 am.

This day included several very nice stops, and encounters with kind people as we made our way across the rest of Alberta and all of Saskatchewan. Two highlights were our noontime break and dinner spots for the dogs. For noontime, we stopped in a small town for gas and Ilana found out from a kind woman that there was an RV park nearby. We were allowed to set up our truck in the shade, and have an enjoyable (human) lunch while the dogs relaxed out of the truck.

At dinner time, we ended up in a campground just east of Regina. The manager let us borrow two RV spots. For both RV sites, there was a water spigot – a true luxury, since each feeding takes around 15 gallons of water, and it’s sometimes tough to get our 5-gallon jugs filled while en route (we carry 6: enough for two meals).

Overnight was just before Winnipeg. Friday will be another big day, to Thunder Bay and beyond. Some of the dogs are getting crankier, and might resist going back in their box. Overall, though, the dogs remain cooperative and healthy. The humans also have some cranky moments, and more frequently work well together as a team, and are moving effectively down the long road to L’Amable.

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