Handler Wanted
Handler Wanted

Handler Wanted

We’re looking for a responsible person or couple to help with kennel duties.  In exchange for duties below, we’ll offer free pet friendly housing  in a 760sq ft dry cabin with loft and Internet in beautiful Two Rivers, AK — around 14.5 mile CHSR)– utilities included.

Summer Dog Duties:

  • Help with feeding and scooping poop for 24 dogs in the evening and occasionally in the morning.
  • Help with walking, feeding and scooping poop for 9 house dogs.
  • Occasional house sitting (staying overnight at our place) for all of the dogs when we go our of town– you would be responsible for morning and evening dog duties.
  • Must be able to lift 40lb buckets of food.

This isn’t full-time kennel help, so you’d have time to go to school, find a job in town or find other handling positions in Two Rivers. Must LOVE dogs & be able to commit for at least three months.

Interested? Need more info? email Ilana at stinkypup@gmail.com. Please put “Dog Handler” in the subject line.



  1. Lin Barron

    Hello, I found this posting online while looking for dog handling jobs. I am currently a student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks but it has always been my dream to work with sled dogs. I was wondering if it was possible to have a part time position helping with the dogs. I am a hard worker and want to gain more experience working with dogs and hopefully have my own team one day. If it is not possible to work part time, or you have already filled you positions, do you know of anywhere I could work as a part time handler?

    Thank You,
    Lin Barron

  2. sharon leaf

    hi i know this is quite an old ad but im looking for a dog handler position in the fairbanks area, can stretch far. i lived in two rivers years ago and loved it. im trying to find a job that works with dogs, a place as well for me and my one husky, not a sled dog really but wants to be haha. anyway i also run a sled dog rescue in my spare time, which is little haha but i do love working with dogs. i just need to find another dog handling position. i would like to do it for long term if you still need the help. please let me know. thank you.

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