It’s all mine!
It’s all mine!

It’s all mine!

Magic is one of the dogs that came with the house when we purchased¬† it 8 years ago. He lived outside in the dog yard for most of his life, but was not a mushing dog. Every year I took him out on a mush to see if he’d change his mind about mushing, but nope. He did NOT want want to mush.

This past summer,¬† Magic had his tail amputated, and became an “inside dog.” It took a while for Magic to accept that he wasn’t going back into the dog yard. He kept sneaking in. The problem with him being in the yard is he’s an older dog, and we didn’t want him to get killed by the other dogs.

Magic has finally adjusted to the inside lifestyle, and has taken to guarding our boots and blankets. In fact, Magic thinks our boots and blankets belong to him. We often come home to see him surrounded by boots, jackets, blankets, and other items. Unlike the other dogs, he doesn’t destroy his belongings, he just collects and guards them.

Magic and his Boot
Magic Snoozing with his Boot

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