Retirements and Returns
Retirements and Returns

Retirements and Returns

Rocket and Chester have both announced their retirement.

Rocket (9 years old) said he prefers not to run at all, due to overheating and possible laryngeal paralysis, but if it’s cold enough (below zero), he’ll consider running with the Z team on a four mile run.

Chester announced that at ten years old, he’s just not up to twenty mile runs and that he’d rather stay home and eat what he can find in the dog yard. Like Rocket, he said he will consider short four-to-seven mile runs.

After a two year retirement, Frankie (9 years old), said he would like to run in lead with his former girlfriend Monkey-Tail on four mile runs. He said although he has a sore back, he needs to get out and about, and that the team needs a strong leader like him.  As long as he can stay inside and take over the couch, he’s happy to run. We’re glad to have him back on the team.

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