Bogg boots seem pretty good

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Every year or so I purchase a new pair of waterproof boots for summer use. With all the mud we get, I wear boots almost every day even when there’s no snow on the ground. In the winter, it’s Baffin Technologies or Sorrel. In the summer, I have just discovered (at Big Al’s in Fairbanks) Boggs brand boots. There are a few other brands that have models with similar characteristics, but the Boggs seemed to have the best balance of a more durable feel, but with a very flexible sole. I’ve been jogging through the trails in these boots, and probably have 70 miles on them. They allow me to sink into the mud a bit without getting my feet wet. I wear heavy socks with them, and warm-up pants, so that I don’t end up with chafing on my heels and the backs of my calves. The Boggs boots I selected have a mostly rubber bottom, and a mostly neoprene upper. I’ve tried the same route with sneakers, and though they are more comfortable, I end up with very wet feet and very muddy sneakers — and need to spend a lot more time dodging puddles or soft ground.

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