Jogging the trails

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Even though there are puddles and muck, I’ve (Greg) been heading out with a dog for a jog into the trails. I had started doing this during our mild spring while things were still frozen. In winter, we have 4, 7, and 12-mile loops all well-suited for jogging when it’s frozen.

Now that it’s spring, I’ve tried going about 1/2 of the 4-mile loop and back again. I don’t think I can go all the way through due to a lake. For the 7/12, I will try an out and back, bypassing another lake. No sneakers for this: over-the-calf rubber boots are prerequisite. I take just one dog on a leash, since at the start we need to take the standard trail through the new neighbor’s yard. No sightings of bear, wolf, fox, moose or anything other than grouse and mosquitoes, so far.

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