Asa’s Shenanigans; Higgs Collapses
Asa’s Shenanigans; Higgs Collapses

Asa’s Shenanigans; Higgs Collapses

In past years, Greg has had problems running Asa. Asa decides he doesn’t want to run and tries to back out of his harness or he won’t pull. This season, up until now, Asa and Greg have been working well together.

Last night Greg headed out for a run with 9 dogs (Chevy, Nikki, Roo, Ahab, Higgs, Asa, Spike, Zeus, Capella). His plan was to either run a 17 or 23 mile run– a typical run for us. We’re down to nine dogs because Decker has a front leg injury (I’m speculating elbow), and Rocket has a front leg injury (I’m speculating wrist).

I took the ZZZ team (Red, Monkey, Punky, Bruno, Phanty, Rattles, Simba, Peetie, Sam) for a 7 mile run. When I came home from the run, I let all of the remaining dogs off for a party while I scooped the poop and tried to massage Decker and Rocket. I wasn’t expecting Greg home for another hour or so, but all of a sudden I saw Chester’s red blinky light at the gate. I ran up to open the gate and Chester escorted Greg and the team into the yard. Asa and Higgs were both in the sled bag!

Greg told me they were okay, and gave me details on what happened. Soon after leaving the yard, Asa decided he didn’t want to pull and began backing out of his harness. Greg put him in the sled bag– where he was content. Greg wasn’t too surprised, considering his past relationship with Asa. Soon after putting Asa in the sled bag, his brother Higgs started backing out of his harness. This was extremely unusual behavior. Higgs is a super-champ. He’s just run 33 miles two days ago. He’s a hard working guy. He began dipping snow, and then collapsed. Greg stopped the team, and ran over to Higgs, ready to give him mouth-to-snout resuscitation. Higgs was alive, and Greg carried him to the sled. Higgs fought Greg as Greg put him into the sled bag. Higgs apparently thought he was fine and ready to go. Greg shortened his run and came home. Both Asa and Higgs were happy and seemed healthy when we unclipped them from the bag. Higgs was panting a bit, but this is normal for him.

The temperature was 6 degrees above, so I don’t think he overheated– he never has before. It could be sled dog myopathy. We’ll need to get his blood tested to see.

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