Chester’s former owners

Chester’s former owners may potentially become a problem, and they know where we live and have already stopped by once.

Yesterday Keri called twice and Brenda once. The first time Keri called he spoke to G and wanted to speak to me. G told him to call back later in the evening, he did. He was nice, and asked, “Are you going to give me my dog back?” I replied, “I’ve had Chester for two years and am quite attached to him. I’m sorry, but no, I’m not going to give him to you.” He said, “okay,” and we ended the conversation. He sounded sad.

Two minutes later, Brenda called to chew me out. She said something about “doing the right thing,” and “what if it was a baby purchased on the black market?” She told me that her husband and children were crying. I told her the dog was legally mine; that I adopted him from the pound. She started yelling at me and hung up, so I don’t think she heard me ask her if I was going to need to get a restraining order.

The situation really sucks. I feel badly for them; I’d feel worse for me If I relinquished my dog to them.

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