Finally out for a mush!

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Greg and I were a little wussy this week and didn’t go mushing for around 5 days due to the temps being -35 to -45 below. We went out yesterday though. Since it was the start of the Yukon quest, I went mushing on the north side– meaning I had to cross CHSR. Had a nice 30 mile run up Iowa Dome and back. I almost got us all killed on the way home crossing CHSR. I think someone put in a new driveway and it was dark, so I had the dogs turn onto the driveway, thinking that this was the trail to cross the street. It wasn’t; it lead to CHSR, but was not my trail. So the dogs were confused and then a car came at us. Luckily no one was hurt. I got them to the other side of the street and pulled the sled over a burm and then bushwacked to an access trail. It was a very scary experience.

Greg took the Z-team for a 12 mile mush on the South side– he was able to avoid the Quest mushers all together. He had a hard time getting the dogs to go haw out of the yard (we’ve only been going gee this year). Once he got them to go haw everything was fine.

Oh I almost forgot, my moose encounter. Right after Greg helped me across the street in the daylight (yeah, he helped me across on my way out, but I was too cool to radio him for help on the way back), we saw a moose on the trail. I yelled to it that we were coming and we basically chased it down the trail until it disappeared into the brush.

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