The Snow is Going Fast :(

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The snow is melting at a rapid pace.

One of our neighbors plowed part of the road down to the dirt. grrrrrrrr.

Ran the 10 dog/20 miles Valley Funale on March 31st. We were super slow. I left first (bib #1) and came in 15th (out of 16). The line up was:

  • Nikki and Roo (in Lead. Originally they were in point but Frankie and Decker didn’t want to lead)
  • Decker and Simba (in Point. Frankie was in Point but ended up riding in the sled for half of the way because of an injured and painful paw)
  • Rattles and Monkey (in Team. Originally it was Rattles and Simba. Monkey and Pumpkin, but Pumpkin didn’t pull at all)
  • Asa and Higgs (in Wheel. Asa ended up with Monkey at some point in time)
  • Pumpkin (in Wheel. She started in Team and didn’t pull at all)
  • Frankie (in Sled. He started in lead, then was in point, then in team, and then rode in the sled.)

Last weekend (March 23-26) we mushed in Denali on the Park Corridor Trail. Mushed into igloo Creek. Broke trail for the first day. The dogs were tired, working hard, and were pulling heavy sleds. Teams were: Frankie and Storm, Simba and Rattles, Red (by himself), Pumpkin and Chester (Chester ran free most of the time), Ilana (as Musher); Decker and Nikki, Roo (by herself), Peetie and Monkey, Asa and Higgs, Greg (as Musher). Pics are on Flickr. Next year I need to bring more dog food and dog snackies; the dogs were pretty hungry and lost weight. It was a GREAT trip!

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