Hamburger Fun Run

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We had a nice time at the Hamburger run. One a prize for “Most Disorganized Team.” We really weren’t too disorganized….it just appeared that way :)

Line up for the mush from our house to Valley Center:

  • Lead: Frankie & Roo
  • Point: Decker & Storm
  • Team: Simba & Nikki
  • Team: Monkey & Pumpkin
  • Wheel: Asa & Higgs

We switched a little bit on the mush from Valley Center to Angel Creek. The overflow wasn’t bad at all and the bridge by Angle Creek wasn’t surrounded by water. Temp was around 20 degrees Fahrenheit (somewhat warm for the dogs).

Asa has been acting pretty strangely…he’s been running fine and the suddenly getting spooked at nothing. Starts turning back and pulling back in his harness, and won’t run. We put him in the sled for a little while, and then returned him to point. He bugged out in point, so put him in wheel.

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