Farting Dogs

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I remember the good ‘ol days when we had three dogs and three cats. Nonny only farted on special occasions; Bosco was afraid of his farts– he’d let one loose and then turn to see what the funny sound was, and then he’d run away; and Precious was the Queen of farts– probably because she was a lab and she ate everything in sight (in Indiana, she ate all of the pears that fell from our tree); and the cats– we’ll cats don’t fart :)
But now in the days of too-many-dogs, so many that I don’t even know how many I have, how many are inside, and how many are outside, the silent gaseous explosions from the dogs is pretty overwhelming.

At any time in the day/night, our dogs are farting. One fart after another. Could it be Bosco, Bruno, Scully or Chez? Wild, Neptune, Sam or Stubby? How about Levi or Buckwheat? I think it’s all of them!

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