Reflectors on Jenny M

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Greg and I went out for our traditional New Years Eve mush. It was a quiet night on the trails– most people were partying with their friends and lighting fireworks. The route we took was the loop-D-loop => Ratstack => the airplanes (via the slough) => Jenny M => the loop-D-loop => home. The route is around an 18 mile loop.

Greg’s team lead on the way out and I led on the way back. While I was helping the dogs make their way up Jenny M, I saw a set of reflectors. I’ve been on this route numerous times and didn’t remember seeing reflectors on trees; however, the placement of the reflectors was just right– it was where two trails intersect. I continued up the hill and then noticed another set of reflectors. 4 reflectors on one tree?

I realized that I was about to run into not one, but two moose! Luckily, I was going up hill, so it didn’t take much effort to slam on the break and stop the sled. At that point, the moose ran away into the woods and the dogs hauled ass up Jenny M.

When I told Greg my story, he said, “good thing the moose had reflectors.”