Reflectors on Jenny M

Greg and I went out for our traditional New Years Eve mush. It was a quiet night on the trails– most people were partying with their friends and lighting fireworks. The route we took was the loop-D-loop => Ratstack => the airplanes (via the slough) … Continue readingReflectors on Jenny M

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Waiting for the Snow

Not much going on at StinkyPup Kennel. It hasn’t snowed in weeks and the trails are hard and fast. We’ve been taking the “A” team for runs up Jenny M, and I’ve done a couple of 40 mile runs. The new girls (Roo, Decker, and … Continue readingWaiting for the Snow

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SCL Dogs Rock!

Greg ran the 10 dog 20 mile Two Rivers TuneUp. His time was 1hr and 33 min. The lineup was: Decker & Frankie (Lead — both SCL Second Chance League dogs) Pumking & Stubby (Point) Rattles & Simba (Swing — both SCL dogs) Asa & … Continue readingSCL Dogs Rock!

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Lost My Team

Woohoo! I’ve already lost my team and it hasn’t even snowed. Went for a run around the field (temp was about 45 above). Team was Frankie and Decker in Lead. Monkey and Punky in swing. Asa and Higgs in wheel. Chester free. Got down to … Continue readingLost My Team