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Duchess Leaves Us

Duchess died in her sleep early this morning. She hadn’t been doing well earlier in the day/month/months before and finally crashed. Duchess was a very shy and sweet girl. She was a leader before we got her. She didn’t lead … Continue reading

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Doggie Hospice

Frankie So this really sucks. There’s nothing we can do for Frankie , except wait for his death. I hate death. I hate having to deal with all the deaths of my best friends. Frankie is such a terrific guy … Continue reading

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Silent Night, Holy Night

Bo was the first dog we ever “put down.” It was in Roxboro, NC. It was Dec. 21 and I was so sad and crying that I even got the vet, Dr. Berryhill to cry. The background music was “Silent … Continue reading

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Denali Trip 2009

This years trip to Denali (Denali 2009 – Map), like last years, was short and met with some difficulty. We left our house at 3:30pm Friday, March 20th and arrived at the park headquarters until 6:30pm. Just when we were … Continue reading

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