Surgery track record

Nobody should take this posting as medical advice or statistically significant research. It is simply a summary of our own experiences, as chronicled here on the Stinky Blog. In mid-March 2019, it’s unclear what to do about Dru. She needs approximately 15 teeth removed, which … Continue readingSurgery track record

Duchess Leaves Us

Duchess died in her sleep early this morning. She hadn’t been doing well earlier in the day/month/months before and finally crashed. Duchess was a very shy and sweet girl. She was a leader before we got her. She didn’t lead well for us and quickly … Continue readingDuchess Leaves Us

Doggie Hospice

Frankie So this really sucks. There’s nothing we can do for Frankie , except wait for his death. I hate death. I hate having to deal with all the deaths of my best friends. Frankie is such a terrific guy and has been such a … Continue readingDoggie Hospice