Puppy Karma

I was headed out for a 30ish mile mush. The line up was: Lead: Decker and Roo Point: Stormy and Frankie Swing: Asa and Higgs Wheel: Rattles and Simba As soon as I got to our access trail I saw another team ahead of me. … Continue readingPuppy Karma

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River Route

I took the stinkypups on the 30+/- mile River Route today. I’ve never been on this route, but Greg did the same route yesterday. Greg said that the trail was pretty straighforward. Ha! If it weren’t for the Quest Markers I would have ended up … Continue readingRiver Route

Hamburger Run

The Plan Today’s plan was to mush from home to Valley Center (arond 12.5 miles). Mush the 32 mile Hamburger Quest from Valley Center to Angle Creek. Camp out at Angle Creek for 4 hours and let the dogs rest. And then mush home. What … Continue readingHamburger Run

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