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As you may have noticed, there’s quite a time lag between the March 2004 tail and this August 2004 tail. Well, there hasn’t been much to tell. It’s been horribly smoky for the entire summer and we haven’t been taking dogs out jogging or hiking or anything.

For info on the fires here in Alaska, look at and click on “Wildfire Mapping” and then “Go to Alaska” (image-button beneath the “Jump to Fire” pull-down). When the map loads, click the “Zoom In” button and then click the map a couple of times. We are around 10 miles from the Boundary Fire and around 20+ from the Tors Fire.

Another page that has good fire resources is

Besides the fire news, we’ve increased our kennel substantially and now have 25 dogs– 6 of the 25 are SCL dogs and they are up for adoption to a forever and loving home. Don’t tell Greg, but we have way too many dogs!