RIP Phanty

It’s such a sad time at StinkyPup. Last week we said goodbye to Kraken and on April 24, 2023 we said goodbye to Phanty. Phanty’s death was unexpected. The night I came home from my trip away he was yelping. Greg and examined him and … Continue readingRIP Phanty

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RIP Kraken

Kraken left us somewhat unexpectedly. Last October I brought him to the vet because he was slowing down. There was a mixup with the bloodwork because I brought two dogs in at the same time and the vet’s office had a new machine. We retested … Continue readingRIP Kraken

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RIP Sweet Maya

On Feb. 18, 2023 we said goodbye to one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever befriended– our lovely Maya. Maya’s death was unexpected. Around one month ago we think she had a seizure. V found her stuck in the banister on the porch and brought … Continue readingRIP Sweet Maya

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