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Danny’s A Conehead

When we brought Danny to the vet two weeks ago, he had a small patch of missing hair on his wrist. The vet thought is was possibly non-contagious mange and gave him Bravecto to treat mange.

The Bravecto didn’t help and soon Danny was missing a lot of hair due to eating his paws and feet.

Danny's Leg

We put a e-collar on him and brought him to the local vet. Who said it was most likely allergies due to the very dry summer. Note, both vets didn’t think his condition is due to pancreatitis. The local vet gave us a medicine called Apoquel, which Danny needs to take for two weeks. Poor Danny. We hope this new med works!

Danny is a conehead

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Maya Moves Inside

Since we’ve had several insiders die recently, Greg and I were talking about who should move inside. The short list of possibilities is Ahab, Spike, Nikki, Roo, Shrek, Cozzy, and Maya.

I was surprised to see Greg bring Maya up from the dog yard this morning! But here she is– comfy on the couch.

Maya on Couch

Maya isn’t much of a sled dog, and since we moved to Canada, hasn’t been eating well. We’ve had her checked out by two vets, but they can’t find anything wrong with her. She likes to eat ScienceDiet (the insider dog food) over RedPaw (the outsider dog food), but often skips meals. To make life easier for us during feeding time, she is now an insider.

Congrats Maya!

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Danny Has Pancreatitis; Nikki is Perfect

We brought Danny (7 years old) and Nicky (13 years old) to the vet today for checkups. Danny hasn’t been eating well, has a discharge from his eye, and has a missing patch of hair on his right wrist. Nikki is perky and bouncy, but she’s seemed to be a little on the husky side, and we don’t feed her that much so we wanted to see if she had a thyroid problem.



Danny’s blood-work shows that he has pancreatitis, and his ex-ray showed arthritis in his spine and bone fragments in his stool– and he’s a little constipated. We don’t know what caused the pancreatitis. The vet gave us the following meds:

  • Digestive Enzymes (for pancreatitis)
  • Metacam (for pain)
  • Optixcare eye lube (for his eyes)
  • Bravecto (to treat fleas and mange)

He needs to be an an oatmeal/kibble diet for a couple of weeks.  Tonight he ate the oatmeal, but not his kibble.








The vet felt Nicky’s waist/ribs and thought she was fine– she wasn’t “a little husky” as Greg and I had thought. Due to her being healthy, eating well, and at a good weight, she said we didn’t need to do a thyroid test, but could check her kidney/liver/pancreas levels.  According to the vet, her blood-work is “perfect.”


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Sad Post Alert: RIP Nutok & Stubby

On July 28, 2016 we took a family trip to Dr. Ann’s to euthanize Nutok and Stubby.  Euthanizing my girls was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. The both were “alive” but their quality of life sucked. Nutok was around 18 years old and Stubby was 14 years old. Nutok was able to get around on her own, but often fell and barked to be rescued. Stubby was sort of able to get around on her own, but due to her bad leg, had much difficulty getting around– she was not able to use the dog door like Nutok was.  Neither of these girls ate very much and they were wasting away. I had to hand feed Stubby. It took around 45 minutes for the girls to eat a small portion of their meal.

We got Nutok in 2004 (?) when one of our neighbors left her in his yard and he left the state.  He told us someone was going to pick her up and bring her to a touring operation. That someone never picked her up, so we rescued her. Nutok was a lead dog, but didn’t like to run, so we didn’t run her. She lived in the dog yard until she got severely beat up by Monkey and Pumpkin– her arch enemies. Monkey, Pumpkin, and Nutok hated each other!! We brought Nutok inside in 2010 and she became a permanent inside StinkyPup pet dog.

Nutok wasn’t a needy dog. She was extremely smart and independent, and didn’t like to get pet very much. She was a loner and didn’t socialize much with the other dogs. She had a very deep bark and let us know when she needed help. In the last six months of her life, when she fell and couldn’t get up she barked for me to come and help her.

Nutok was a very good friend and we will miss her.

Stubby was one of the eight dogs that came with the purchase of our house in Alaska. Stubby was a fine little sled dog and pulled her heart out until she a) had an embolism in her leg and b) got attacked by 9 Akitas and had her leg basically ripped off.  She was fortunate that Dr. Flemme saved her leg, but she suffered from a limp and very bad arthritis. After the accident, Stubby became a very good inside dog.

Stubby had a lot of personality and was a cutie-patootie. She loved to eat things, food and non-food alike. In her later years, her stomach couldn’t handle all of the junk she ate and she ended up getting obstructive bowl surgery.

Stubby was an awesome sled dog and very good friend and we will miss her.


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