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RIP Beautiful Roo. Nicky Moves Inside.

Roo Summer 2016

Roo Summer 2016

13 year old Roo died on Oct 6th 2016, around 1 month from the date she was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma. Roo (short for Roulette) was a champion leader we adopted from the Fairbanks North Star Borough Shelter. She was a beautiful super high energy girl who didn’t get along with females, except for her sisters Nicky and Decker.

Roo was a champion leader, but in retrospect she would have been a better sprint dog than a distance dog. I remember the first time I put Nicky and Roo in lead and headed out through the Two Rivers maze of trails up to the 26 mile road crossing. I trusted in dog and they knew which way to go even though I had no clue which trail to take.

She lead for me on the 2009 Serum Run, but the 60 mile days were very hard on her and by the end of the day she rode in the basket. Due to her anorexic tendency and her tiredness, I dropped Roo from the run and she flew home early from Ruby to Fairbanks. Soon the rest of the Stinkers followed because 2009 Serum Run was cancelled mid-run due to too much snow (ha!). After that experience, Roo didn’t run many distance races and she preferred short 7 miles runs.

We’re so sad that Queenie Roo is no longer with us.

Due to their age, were wanting to move Nicky and Roo inside, but Roo didn’t get along with other female dogs. Now that Roo has passed, we’ve moved Nicky inside and she is adjusting well. On her first day she took over the bed, but soon decided she prefers the mud room so she can growl at everyone coming in and out of the dog door.

Nicky on the Bed

Nicky on the Bed



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Fall flowers

Here is a picture of some amazing fall flowers that have bloomed in September, long after most of our wildflowers have died off. You can see Roo, looking on from the side. The flowers run alongside one of the dog yard fences, and also a few other places on the property.

Fall yard flowers

Fall yard wildflowers, with Roo looking on, from within the dog yard

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Critters of L’Amable, Ontario

In mid-2015, the Stinkypups moved from Fairbanks, Alaska to L’Amable, Ontario (see to read about the epic journey). There are many, many cultural, social and economic advantages to living in the cottage country area of Ontario. For example, we have found that Canadian maple syrup is tasty, and quite reasonably priced.

Ap thing Ontario has a lot of is biodiversity. There are more types of trees, flowers, agriculture, and animals than encountered in Fairbanks. In Fairbanks, we had frequent moose sightings, and a few perilous ( and

In L’Amable, though, we have had a few nice sightings. One of our favorites is a family of wild turkeys (or, it might be a flock of unrelated birds). In the spring, we saw a momma and babies. In the fall, we see a group of 8 or so, nibbling the grass of the front yard. These are some large birds, with subdued but interesting coloring.turkeys-lamable-20160927_081505

We have also seen an adolescent moose, along the Heritage Hastings Trail (our regular jogging & mushing trail). This was a treat, since we were skeptical that moose actually live in the area. There are plenty of white-tailed deer, and we have seen sign of elk, but only one moose.moose-on-heritage-trail-20160921

Another new sighting is a red fox, on our front yard. The fox might have been curious about the turkeys, or looking in our garden, or on some other errand. We often hear yipping and barking at night, and although it’s probably dogs, it might sometimes be foxes.

Red fox in L'Amable, Ontario

Red fox in L’Amable, Ontario

We have also seen many frogs and snakes. There are no snakes in interior Alaska, and frogs and toads were seldom seen. One bonus is that the biting insects are fierce in Ontario (mosquitos, deerflies and horseflies), but not nearly as fierce as the 19 species of mosquito that dine on human and canine alike, in Fairbanks.

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First Run of the Season

First run of the 2016-2017 season. 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1.6 Celsius). 2 mile loop.

Wayne & Stella (Lead)
Phanty & Siren (Point)
Medusa & Zeus (Team)
Bear & Capella (Team)
Moe & Dru (Team)
Ted (Ted’s first mush ever!) (Team)
Kraken & Recluse (Wheel)

  • Ted did well on his first run! He tried to back out of his harness before we took off,  but then did fine on the run. He kept his line nice and tight.
  • Wayne unharnessed himself before we took off.
  • Phanty was in Point and was the dog that was listening to commands and helped the team turn haw. Good boy Phanty-pants, perhaps you’ll be a leader this year.


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