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L’Amable sunset in February

Here is an evening photo from our back yard, looking west towards the house.

L'Amable sunset

L’Amable sunset in February 2017

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Our First 20 Mile Stinky Run

On Feb. 10th fifteen Stinkers (including 2 humans) went our for an exploratory mush and ran 20 miles. Greg was the musher and Ilana rode in the basket. Our champion team was:

  • Wayne (it was 16F so cold enough for Wayne) & Stella (Lead)
  • Dru & Phanty (Point)
  • Moe & Zeus (Team)
  • Ted & Medusa (Team)
  • Kraken & Recluse (Team)
  • Jack & Siren (Team)
  • Moose (solo in the caboose)

We’re very excited about the potential for having miles of trails to mush! The problem is there aren’t any loops to turn around. We jumped from running 9.4 miles to 20 miles– and that’s a big jump. We were able to find a 13 miler, but that entailed a short bushwhack through waist high snow, and this just isn’t doable without having two people to guide the dogs. We’re looking for loops where we can run solo (e.g., not having someone sit in the basket).

Mushing season is almost over, and I’m already dreaming about putting on the miles next season! But for that we’ll need more dogs because a bunch of the stinkers will be retiring next year.

20 Mile Mush Bessemer Lane

20 Mile Mush Bessemer Lane


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Jack Jumps Fence. Spike Gets Beat Up Again.

Two weeks after Spike got beat up, she was recovering nicely; and Jack was unable to open the new latch Greg installed. We thought everything was okay.

On Jan. 21st, Greg and I left the house together to go to Oshawa (around 2.5 hours from here) and came back to a beaten up Spike, and Jack in the inner dog yard. Spike was on our bed and it was clear that she needed to go to the vet for stitches. Jack was hanging out in the back yard.

We’re not sure what happened. Either:

A. There was a ruckus with the inside dogs (Spike and Mira), thus exciting Jack and causing him to jump out of his pen and then jump into the inside dog yard, or

B. Jack jumped out of his pen and then into the inside dog yard, causing Mira and Spike to fight.

Whatever happened, we were extremely embarrassed to go back to the emergency vet in Peterborough. Spike has a cone and a drain, and is once again on antibiotics and pain killers.  Mira is sporting a scratch. She didn’t need to go to the vet, but she’s on antibiotics.


Mira and her Scratch

Mira and Her Scratch


Jack spent the night on his chain last night, and today we attempted to Jack-proof his pen. We’re hoping he’s just a jumper and not a climber. If he’s a climber then we’ll need to add additional fencing.


Jack on Chain

Jack on Chain


Jack's New Fence, Featuring Moose

Jack’s New Fence, Featuring Moose

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Gate Openers

Meet Moose and Jack.

Moose and Jack

Moose (left) and Jack


Moose and Jack are gate openers.  Either working together, or solo (we think it was probably Jack, but you never know), the boys figured out how to open the latch on the gate, and were letting themselves out into the main dog yard.

Greg updated the latch, and hopefully they won’t figure out how to open this type (see below).

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