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Stinky Health Updates

I find it so sad to see my best friends age. Young dogs that used to be big & strong and pulled me for thousands of miles, are now old and weak. It gets too emotional at times. So here’s the … Continue reading

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Eau de Skunk

It was a peaceful evening at the StinkyHouse. Ilana and I had bedded down for the night, surrounded by our usual 8 or so loyal companions (Myra, Nutok, Storm, Bruno, Stubby, Pumpkin, Chevy, Maude – with Danbo on periodic patrol, … Continue reading

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Slam dancing with a tree

On the way home from our evening walkies we had a moose encounter. Frankie, Nutok, Storm, Neptune, Decker, Magic and Duchess were all free. Attached to me was Bruno, Chester, Chez, and Stubby. Storm ran off to chase the moose, … Continue reading

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Life goes on even without Sam : Moose, Fights, the usual

Sammie has been gone for 18 days. This is the first night I haven’t gone looking for her. Bruno and I went bushwhacking last night, and once again didn’t find her. Instead, we almost got pounced by a flying baby … Continue reading

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