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Stinky Health Updates

I find it so sad to see my best friends age. Young dogs that used to be big & strong and pulled me for thousands of miles, are now old and weak. It gets too emotional at times. So here’s the … Continue reading

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August = Teeth and Bones

Franken Teeth Last year, Frankie had five of his teeth pulled. The vet said he had cavities (different from human cavities), which is unusual for dogs. This July, Frankie’s breath was smelling really bad–worse than dead fish mixed with poop.  … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Monkey and Nutok off Together

It’s a simple rule. Don’t let Monkey and Punky off together; or Monkey and Nutok; or Punky and Nutok; or other variations of Munkin (Monkey & Pumpkin) and Nutok. The fact is that Munkin is a team that hates Nutok … Continue reading

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